Thursday, January 14, 2010

Corporate Greed: The People vs. Cap and Trade by James Hansen

Corporate Greed: The People vs. Cap and Trade by James Hansen

The public is largely unaware of a momentous battle about to be fought in Washington. The stakes are enormous. Yet the public has not been well informed.

Ignorance of the matter derives in part from the fact that the conflict was initiated via the highly charged issue of climate change. Climate is complex. People have different opinions about the extent to which humans are causing climate change. Fundamental belief systems are involved and discussion can be emotional.

Yet the core issue can be defined independent of climate. It concerns how society can phase out its addictive use of fossil fuels and move on, in the most economically efficient and equitable way, to a clean energy future. Conservatives, independents and liberals should be united in this fight.

Washington could define a path that would lead the world toward a clean energy future. And, incidentally, it would solve the climate problem - without requiring anyone to agree that there even is a climate problem.

Yet Washington appears intent on choosing a path defined by corporate greed. Unless the public gets engaged, the present Administration may jam down the public's throat just such an approach, which, it can be shown, is not a solution at all...

Read entire article, "The People vs. Cap and Trade" by James Hansen

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