Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Temperature Rising Fast, Hottest Summer on Record, Arctic Ice disappearing - Reason for Hope?

11 degrees fahrenheit increase by the end of the century, hottest summer on record, west nile virus on the increase, arctic ice disappearing. All extremely dismal and downright scary. It's difficult to imagine the world my granchildren will live in as adults, if they can live in it at all.

In the The Six Stages of Climate Grief. Daphne Wysham says.

"We are surpassing all of scientists' worst-case scenarios by a long shot — we are now on track to an 11-degree Fahrenheit rise by the end of the century, according to the International Energy Agency. We've broken over 4,000 temperature records in the United States just this year, and scientists tell us record droughts, floods, storms, and forest fires all may become 'the new normal.'"

But, Daphne finds hope in working together and "doing the work." She says,

"After years of working through these stages, I've discovered a new sixth stage: doing The Work. This means taking courage from each other as we look this monster in the eye and fight side-by-side in the battle of a lifetime. Systemic change — not just light-bulb change — is what's required now. This must include everything from replacing the GDP as an outdated measure of progress to getting schools to teach climate science and arm the next generation with the facts."

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